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  • Leonard M Bozza

    April 17, 2024 at 11:39 am

    My wife first notice Bulbar ALS syptoms 2 weeks after having Covid in Jan 2021. We have always felt that there was a connection between the Covid and her ALS.. Her Neurologist at UVA felt that it was a coincidence.. After doing some research myself I contacted Doctor Smoith At the NIH in Maryland.. When I told him of my wife’s situation he asked what her Neurologist thought about the possible Covid connection When I told him that her doctor felt that it was a coincidence he siad “He is wrong. There is a connection but we just don’tknow what it is at this timet”.

    I have very simple question that no one has been able to answer.. Has the reported cases of ALS gone up in the last three years when compared to the years before COVID?

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